Different from the conventional coloring process based on a sulfuric acid anodizing film, this is the alloy self-coloring process by the combination of aluninum alloy ingredient and anodizing condition in a special organic acid electrolytic solution.

  • Good wear-resistance

    Wear resistance of SUMITONE is 3 times as good as that of the sulfuric acid anodizing film. The hardness of film is almost the same as that of hard anodizing (approx. 500 HV). Therefore it is not damaged by scratch easily.

  • Good corrosion-resistance and weather-proof

    CASS corrosion-resistance is more than 3 times from that of sulfuric acid anodizing film. Even in an atmospheric exposure test, any visual defects such as smut and blooming, etc. cannot be found.

  • Good light-resistance

    Any fading can not be occurred by the ultraviolet rays, water and the heat, etc.

  • Good color uniformity

    It takes time to anodize. Therefore the uniformed and stabilized color can be obtained.

  • Available in thick film (above 20µm)

    Although "Sumitone" is superior in durability, it is critical to make film thicker in order to further enhance its durability for the next 50 or 100 years. That is , durability is increased directly with the square of film thickness. e.g.: in case of 10µm and 20µm, square of 10 and 20 are equal to 100 and 400, respectively. Therefore, durability of 20µm is 4 times or more higher than that of 10µm.

  • Longer expected life and superior in maintenance.

    We recommend regular maintenance in order to keep expected life longer. Since "Sumitone" film is hard enough to be resistant to brushing and cleaning by scrubber during maintenance, easy-maintenance can be attainable.

Performance comparison

Performance item The performance
standard value
JIS H 8601
Self-coloring process
2 step coloring Super-Anodizing
The film thickness
20µm 20µm 20µm 20µm
Alkaline dropping
corrosion resistance
more than
100 seconds
more than
225 seconds
more than
110 seconds
more than
150 seconds
CASS test 56 hours
more than RN9
RN10 RN9.5 RN10
Sand falling abrasion
resistance test
more than
1000 seconds
3500 seconds(burst) 1220 seconds(burst) 3300 seconds(burst)
Surface hardness
(Vicker's hardness)
- HV450 HV200 HV400
Film structure
Process outline

Process outline:Process of anodizing

Process outline:Process of complex film

Process outline:Process of painting

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