Technology to create "stainless-like gloss feeling" by using of aluminum alloy

Where stainless steel is applied for designing purpose, we suggest bright anodizing finish (film thickness: 20µm or more) should be applied.
Stainless steel-like gloss can be obtained by electropolishing on aluminum alloy. It can look like mirror by smoothing its surface and can also improve its design. Using along with aluminum bright alloy, it can obtain the same brightness as stainless steel by 1/3 of total weight. Also it can be applied to any intricate shapes where stainless steel cannot produce.

Typical examples of construction

  • Nipponbashi Mitsui Tower (Tokyo)
    Year of
    Specification of surface treatment Material
    2005 Electropolishing + 2 step coloring
    (Stainless steel-like finish)
    Bright finish alloy
  • Shanghai World Financial Center (Z-4) (China)
    Year of
    Specification of surface treatment Material
    2008 Electropolishing + silver 6063 alloy

What is bright finish process ?

Material used

Extruded Aluminum alloy

Comparison with the bright finish process of stainless steel

Bright finish of stainless steel
Bright finish of aluminum alloy

Specification of surface treatment

Specification of surface treatment NACL special electropolishing + anodizing + 2 step coloring process + sealing (film thickness : 20µm or more)
Outline of Process


  • (1) Film quality obtained by anodizing process can be controlled according to environment and purpose of usage.
    Applicable anodizing process
    • ① Sulphuric acid anodizing process
    • ② Colorable hard anodizing process
    • ③ Self-coloring process
  • (2) Massive feeling of stainless steel can be obtained by 2 step coloring.
Process outline

Process outline:Process of anodizing

Process outline:Process of complex film

Process outline:Process of painting

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