Wide continuous coil anodizing

NACL coil anodizing is the first continuous anodizing of wide coil in Japan, which has been introduced by the technical assistance of Coil Anodizers Inc.(Lorin Industries Inc.), USA in 1972. By utilizing our accumulated technology and long time experience in anodizing industry, we would like to offer our coil anodizing products of high quality.

  • Stable quality.

    Because our coil anodizing lines are full automated to keep the constant line speed and the same anodizing condition, we can offer the products of stable quality compared to that of sheet anodizing.

  • No need of any lead touch.

    In sheet anodizing, the material to be anodized needs a lead touch. But as for the coil anodizing products, all the width of material can be used because any contact point is not necessary.

  • Suitable for mass production of small sized parts and extra length materials.
    • (1) Compared to the usual piece anodizing products which are mass-produced by press forming, roll forming or machining, coil anodizing can save the cost remarkably.
    • (2) As for extra length materials, they are limited in length by the factory capacity. But in coil anodizing, there is no limit in length.
  • Suitable for the surface treatment which is utilizing the charasteristic of anodic oxidation film
    • (1) Quality requirement such as hardness, wear-resistance, heat-resistance and electric insulation can be obtaind.
    • (2) By use of special technology, it can be used as the under-coat for painting or compound materials, because of being excellent in adhesion.
  • Possible to add the gloss and make the self-coloring or dyeing. Also possible to anodize the embossed coil.
    • (1) It is possible to obtain the gloss by use of aluminum alloys for brightening or bright finish coil.
    • (2) It is possible to obtain a gray color by use of aluminum alloys for self-coloring.
  • Price

    The price of coil anodizing is set by 1 micron each of the film thickness according to the usage. Therefore it can save the cost remarkably.

Example of application

Building Materials Electric appliance Vehicle Others
Door panel, Keystone plate,Clean room panel, Spandrel ( Roll forming ), Ceiling panel, Bending materials, Multi-layer glass spacer bar ( Roll forming) Roof material, etc Radiation board, Reflection board, Switch plate, Hot plate, Printed circuit board, Laminated board, Electromagnetic coil, Vending machine panel, Refrigerator tray, Floppy disk shutter, Heat sensor board, IT related product case ,etc. Truck van exterior, Side mirror, Interior panel, etc. Signboard frame, Soundproof wall, Medicine bottle cap, Cosmetic bottle cap, Prefab, Refrigerator panel, Tab material for can, Bath heater cover, Heating radiation board, Print plate, Stationery, Carriage box, Ballot box, etc.

Specification of coil anodizing

Maximum Width of the materials Thickness of the materials Film thickness The specification Specification of clear painting
Thickness of the materials Film thickness Thickness of the materials Width of materials
MAX 1,300mm
(more than 1,000mm is our standard.)
0.1mm - 1.5mm 0.2mm less than 3 µm
  • (1) Sulfuric acid anodizing
    ( both sides finish)
  • (2) Dye anodizing
    ( Both sides finish )
  • (3) Adhesives and under-coat for painting
    ( Both sides finish)
  • (4) Anodizing + Clear painting
    ( Both sides finish)
0.2 - 1.5t MAX 1,020mm
0.2mm less than 3 µm
0.3mm less than 3 µm
0.4mm less than 4 µm
0.5mm less than 7 µm
0.6mm less than 8 µm
0.7 - 1.5mm less than 9 µm

*Please feel free to contact us even if your requirement is out of the above specification.

Process outline

Process outline:Process of anodizing

Process outline:Process of complex film

Process outline:Process of painting

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