First of all we would like to say thank you and appreciate your great cooperation every day.
Since 1935, we have been working hard under our company spirit of"Sanpo-Seishin", which means the three most important treasures for our company. i.e., our customers, our suppliers and our employees including their families.
As a professional of the aluminum surface treatment, we have been always making every effort to imporve the quality of our products.
Until today we have been modernizing our facilities to catch up with the latest technique. On the other hand we also have paid our careful attention to an environmental problem.
As a result of our daily effort, we have established our own surface treatment technology which does not contaminate the enviornment. Because of our continued effort, we now have a good reputation in this field .
We believe that the aluminum will continue to be one of the most important materials even in the 21century. So we will continue to strive to develop and improve our technology which will satisfy our customer's needs further .
We sincerely hope that we may continue to count on your support and understanding in the future.

Nihon Anodizing Co.,Ltd.
President Harukichi Kurachi

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